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Title Insurance

The CLF Team has steadily increased its practice and focus in the Title Insurance Industry.  We like to think of ourselves as experienced enough to handle anything from the straightforward Quiet Title matter to a complicated mechanic’s lien on a large real estate development with multiple phases.  Yet we also feel we are new enough to the practice to bring fresh ideas and approaches honed in other areas of the insurance defense practices to the established world of title.  Since we have turned our focus to Title Insurance, we have handled major easement litigation disputes to mechanic’s liens on large commercial developments.  Our team is also responsible for obtaining a recent appellate decision confirming the tripartite relationship between carrier, insured, and outside counsel protecting communications with the attorney client privilege which had been established in the casualty insurance world but never before extended to the title insurance industry.   We have also created a sophisticated proprietary mechanism of handling multiple matters with similar fact patterns between our client principal and specific lender institutions to dramatically save on litigation costs, where before these same cases were litigated each on an individual cost-laden basis.  Our office also handles a large curative program providing out clients with an avenue to resolve simple title and deed imperfections without breaking the bank to fix the problem.  We work hard to bring creative ideas from our other practice experience to this established world of Title Insurance always keeping the focus on delivering value to our clients.

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