Practice Areas

General Litigation

Our lawyers litigate with one purpose in mind:  to get our clients the intended result.  Our focus is to analyze each and every case as early as possible, create a Litigation Plan, and present that analysis and our projections to our clients so they can decide what option is best for them.  This approach requires superior knowledge and experience in those areas where we specialize.  Our approach requires that we have the presence in all the court venues where we practice to produce the courtroom results we predict and project.  Beginning with Jeff Crafts, a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, we have the lawyers who consistently get the results our clients expect.  Predictions and analysis are not very useful unless you deliver.  Whether it’s a title, commercial business, garage keeper, or premise case, we attack the cases in the same fashion.  CLF is committed to tell our clients where they stand, and then deliver the results.​



Business Litigation


Crafts Law Firm has extensive experience in business litigation, including jury and non-jury trials in Federal and State courts, arbitrations, mediations, and appeals.  We have represented corporate entities, individual officers, partners, employees, and third-parties.  CLF has used its litigation experienced to work with our clients to resolve suits arising from issues as varied as shareholder disputes, breach of contract, business torts, enforcement of notes and other commercial obligations as well as issues involving the purchase and sale of goods.



Construction Law


Crafts Law Firm is skilled and knowledgeable on the complex nature of California construction law and experienced in litigation involving:
Construction defects and product defects litigation;
Construction site accidents - serious injury and wrongful death;
Construction contracts; and
Mechanics Liens/payment issues
Our attorneys have represented clients including general contractors, subcontractors, material men, tradesmen and others in both the residential and commercial construction lawsuit.


Fraud Preventionriminal Law

Over their collective careers, CLF’s team of lawyers has been a leader in the pursuit of addressing a wide range of fraudulent practices in the world of insurance litigation.  Unfortunately, fraud is found altogether too frequently in too many aspects of too many insurance industries.  To combat several forms of insurance fraud, the CLF attorneys have created specialized efforts which we call “focus groups”.   These “focus groups” involve a mulit-level coordinated approach between carrier, counsel and special investigators.  We have used this tactic to attack dozens of fraud rings in, for example, the auto insurance industry to our clients millions of dollars over the span of a few short years.  We long ago learned to approach fraudulent activity as something to be dealt with at every level of the enterprise, not just on a case by case basis. 

These lessons have carried over to programs created and executed in a variety of other insurance fields, including property, premise and even the title insurance environments.  We have lectured on medical fraud, fraudulent chiropractic rings and factors.  We have pursued illegal lawsuit investment scams, loan “slamming” and rings of individuals who specialize in escrow and title fraud.  The insurance programs might be different, but our approach is similar in any of the various arenas: impact the flow of fraudulent revenue and you will push the perpetrators to seek other pastures.  Turn the cash flow spigot off and the bad guys go find someone other than your clients to attack.


Insurance Defense

Our roots run deep in the Insurance Defense Industry.  From auto insurance, to various property and casualty programs, to title insurance, we have litigated in each.  Our lawyers have handled cases as varied as major brain damage matters arising out of casualty insurance programs, to major mechanic’s lien or easement cases on developments throughout California that arise out of the title insurance world.  Whether it’s a Bad Faith case, broker liability, or direct action against one of our client carriers, we have probably handled something similar in the past.  Our lawyers have been active members in the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel and the California Land and Title Association.


Premises Liability

From the simple slip and fall in a grocery store, to litigating large scale damage from land development, we have used our litigation approach to achieve the results our clients desire.  Our lawyers have been involved land subsidence cases in Laguna Beach, condominium project grading failures for Community Redevelopment Agencies, and commercial restaurant and bar litigation all over California.  If it involves a casualty claim arising from a premise insurance program, chances are we have handled something similar.


Title Insurance

The CLF Team has steadily increased its practice and focus in the Title Insurance Industry.  We like to think of ourselves as experienced enough to handle anything from the straightforward Quiet Title matter to a complicated mechanic’s lien on a large real estate development with multiple phases.  Yet we also feel we are new enough to the practice to bring fresh ideas and approaches honed in other areas of the insurance defense practices to the established world of title.  Since we have turned our focus to Title Insurance, we have handled major easement litigation disputes to mechanic’s liens on large commercial developments.  Our team is also responsible for obtaining a recent appellate decision confirming the tripartite relationship between carrier, insured, and outside counsel protecting communications with the attorney client privilege which had been established in the casualty insurance world but never before extended to the title insurance industry.   We have also created a sophisticated proprietary mechanism of handling multiple matters with similar fact patterns between our client principal and specific lender institutions to dramatically save on litigation costs, where before these same cases were litigated each on an individual cost-laden basis.  Our office also handles a large curative program providing out clients with an avenue to resolve simple title and deed imperfections without breaking the bank to fix the problem.  We work hard to bring creative ideas from our other practice experience to this established world of Title Insurance always keeping the focus of bringing value to our clients.