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General Litigation

Our lawyers litigate with one purpose in mind:  to get our clients the intended result.  Our focus is to analyze each and every case as early as possible, create a Litigation Plan, and present that analysis and our projections to our clients so they can decide what option is best for them.  This approach requires superior knowledge and experience in those areas where we specialize.  Our approach requires that we have the presence in all the court venues where we practice to produce the courtroom results we predict and project.  Beginning with Jeff Crafts, a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, we have the lawyers who consistently get the results our clients expect.  Predictions and analysis are not very useful unless you deliver.  Whether it’s a title, commercial business, garage keeper, or premise case, we attack the cases in the same fashion.  CLF is committed to tell our clients where they stand, and then deliver the results.​

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