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Fraud Prevention

Over their collective careers, CLF’s team of lawyers has been a leader in the pursuit of addressing a wide range of fraudulent practices in the world of insurance litigation.  Unfortunately, fraud is found altogether too frequently in too many aspects of too many insurance industries.  To combat several forms of insurance fraud, the CLF attorneys have created specialized efforts which we call “focus groups”.   These “focus groups” involve a mulit-level coordinated approach between carrier, counsel and special investigators.  We have used this tactic to attack dozens of fraud rings in, for example, the auto insurance industry to save our clients millions of dollars over the span of a few short years.  We long ago learned to approach fraudulent activity as something to be dealt with at every level of the enterprise, not just on a case by case basis.

These lessons have carried over to programs created and executed in a variety of other insurance fields, including property, premise and even the title insurance environments.  We have lectured on medical fraud, fraudulent chiropractic rings and factors.  We have pursued illegal lawsuit investment scams, loan “slamming” and rings of individuals who specialize in escrow and title fraud.  The insurance programs might be different, but our approach is similar in any of the various arenas: impact the flow of fraudulent revenue and you will push the perpetrators to seek other pastures.  Turn the cash flow spigot off and the bad guys go find someone other than your clients to attack.

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